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Statement of nonuse of conflict minerals

Time:2020-06-05| Author:Admin

HuaXingAn Electronics  is committed to the 1502nd section of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (“the Dodd-Frank Act”). We solemnly declare that we do not purchase, refuse to use the conflict minerals, or their derivatives directly or indirectly, or benefit armed groups through mining and mineral transactions in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) or neighboring countries.

In the management of conflict minerals, HuaXingAn Electronics will do corporate social responsibility, in strict compliance with international conventions, in the process of supply chain management, will be dedicated to the in supply chain conflict minerals data regularly collect, evaluation and management, to 3T&G metal smelting factory / refinery due diligence and verification. At the same time, the supply chain to carry out the risk identification and assessment of mineral resources, organize regular training to promote the supply chain management and continuous improvement in the conflict of mineral resources. HuaXingAn Electronics in the process of conflict management of mineral resources of the supply chain will due diligence, In order to avoid the use of the group's products from the Congo Democratic Republic and its neighboring countries have been controlled by the radical organization of the mineral land of conflict mineral metals. HuaXingAn Electronics to set up a complaint mailbox: , any interest related parties (not limited to, the internal employees, social groups, organizations, governments, shareholders, customers, etc.) are can be to the mailbox to send a group conflict minerals implementation suggestions and complaints together.

Note: conflict minerals is refers to the metal gold (AU), tantalum (TA), tungsten (W), cobalt (CO) and tin (SN) from or from mines in the region of the conflict of democracy. The Democratic Republic of Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo), or illegal trade tax route, or is controlled by the nongovernment military organization, or an illegal military factions. Trade routes do not confirm conflict diamonds, including direct export from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and export to Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya (the countries on the United Nations Security Council pay attention to global export route DRC-mined minerals).


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