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We can do for our GDT

We can do for our GDT

1:We Can customize voltage: 1000V, 1200V,3000V,3300V...etc

2:We Can developed low impulse GDT

3: We Can customize Uc,In,Imax , limp ,If,TOV

4: We Can developed cut off follow current 100A within 1 cycle when passing zero under AC260V(50Hz)

5:We Can customize multi-gap GDT used in DC or AC(L-N) over voltage protection

6:We Can customize GDT shape, marking,solder fail short mechanism, special Lead wire

7: We Can surpass our GDT competitors,help you pass the GDT test project & improve the GDT you currently use.

8:We can provide fast GDT delivery,Solve your GDT delivery time problem

9:We can help you analyze the competitor’s parameters and tell you our perfect replacement GDT part number.

10:We can develop new GDT accord Ing to your requirements.