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                                           Circuit Protection Solution

1: Video (Port) surge protection solution                                          13:RS485 Port Protection Solution   

VIDEO-2KV        VIDEO-4KV                                                                  RS485-4KV-1KA        RS485-6KV-3KA 

VIDEO-6KV-1   VIDEO-6KV-2   VIDEO-6KV-3                                    RS485-6KV-150A

2:POS(RJ11 Port)Surge Protection Solution                                     14:RS232 Port Protection Solution

    POS-2KV        POS-6KV-1      POS-6KV-2                                         RS232-4KV-1KA        RS232-6KV-3KA

3:DC12V power Protection Solution                                                    RS232-6KV-150A

   DC12V-2KV     DC12V-4KV    DC12V-6KV                                        15:RS4222 Port Protection Solution

4:DC24V power Protection Solution                                                    RS422-4KV-1KA        RS422-6KV-3KA

   DC24V-2KV     DC24V-4KV    DC24V-6KV                                        16:Audio Port Protection Solution   

5:DC30V power Protection Solution                                                Audio-Port-2KV        Audio-Port-4KV

   DC30V-4KV                                                                                          Audio-Port-6KV        Audio-Port-4KV-

6:DC48V power Protection Solution                                                   17:BNC Port Protection Solution

   DC48V-2KV                                                                                               BNC-Port-4KV          BNC-4KV-1KA

7:AC24V power Protection Solution                                                     BNC-6KV-2KA          BNC-6KV-3KA

   AC24V-2KV    AC24V-4KV                                                                     18:RF Port Protection Solution

8:AC90V-AC220V power Protection Solution                                     Radio-Frequency-Port-6KV

  AC90V-AC220V-AC264V-4KV-3KA                                                      19:XDSL  Modem , ADSL / VDSL Modem

 AC90V-AC220V-AC264V-6KV-3KA                                                                 DM Protection Solution

 AC90V-AC220V-AC264V-10KV-5KA                                                     xDSL-CPE-1.5KV       xDSL-CPE-4KV

 AC90V-AC220V-AC264V-10KV-2KA                                                     xDSL-CPE-6KV-1       xDSL-CPE-6KV-2

9:AC380V power line Protection Solution                                                 XDSL CM and DM Protection Solution

  AC380V                                                                                                        xDSL-CM4KV-DM2KV

10:AC220V to DC24V power Protection Solution

  AC220V to DC24C-6KV-3KA

11:RJ45 10/100M Ethernet Protection Solution

 RJ45-10-100M-4KV              RJ45-10-100M-6KV

12:RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Protection Solution

RJ45-10-1000M-4KV              RJ45-10-1000M-6KV

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